10 AUG

Hiking with Alaturka – Lake Ohrid excursions Pentecost


Meanwhile, after more than a year on the roads across the Balkans and in Turkey within our project “A journey of Intimacy and Culture along the Roman Roads”, we are pleased to present a walking tour package next to Lake Ohrid in Macedonia as part of our project work.

In cooperation with local families, this walking tours are designed to generate income for the local population so that the problem of momentary daily topic about “Migration” from the Balkans,can be, at least, getting less problematic. Please read within our project. More events are planned, please use our event calendar for getting more information.

In the beautiful natural surroundings of Lake Ohrid we were initially surprised about the many opportunities to hike through the untouched nature. Whether passing the Galicica National Park, the adjoining mountains towards Albanian border or just next to the lake, we have created a concept of hiking tours in small groups, which is, for the beginning, guided by us. Since this tour is being done with max. 10 people, we ask you for a short feedback, if you are interested in joining

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